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Celtic Folk Music played acoustically by 1 man. Songs about life, love, death, heartbreak and of course alcohol, all of them i’ll play. From exuberant songs about having a craic, to more modest songs about lost love. The songs are not just played with an acoustic guitar, but have the occasional banjo or tin whistle tunes mixed in as well. Combine that with a ton of energy, and that would be me in a nutshell!


Stadstheater De Boemel

Datum: 04/05/2023
Tijd: 21:00
Locatie: Tilburg, NL

Effe Nieks

Datum: 12/05/2023
Tijd: 20.00
Locatie: Swalmen, NL

Supporting Nick Parker

Stage Music Cafe

Datum: 20/08/2023
Tijd: 20.00
Locatie: Eindhoven, NL

O’Carolans Irish Pub

Datum: 09/09/2023
Tijd: 20.00
Locatie: Bergen op Zoom, NL


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Roermond, NL

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